The Art of Advertising

Published on Tuesday, 4 October 2022 at 9:00:00 AM

Local advertisements were designed to persuade you to buy the land, purchase the product and use the service being offered.  Advertising developed from hand drawn text, only in black and white to sophisticated computer typeset, colour images and the predominance of images rather than text.  Advertising techniques included asking rhetorical questions and using loyalty deals and providing discounts to regular patrons.

Local advertisements can be accessed online via a Trove List, curated by the Local Studies Librarian. You will find adverts about Goodchild Cycles and the beloved local bakers the Lovelock family. Find the address and names of local providers including hairdressers, tea rooms, doctors and information about the larger industrial factories and businesses in the district. Select your favourite slogan!

Have a look at the early real estate posters for West Guildford and Bassendean, scanned by the State Library of WA, and linked on the Local Studies Collection website under Further Reading.

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