Library Lunchtime Interlude - The Habits of (Sustainable) Happiness with Dr Jane Genovese

Published: Tuesday, 5 March 2019 at 9:00:00 AM

We’re bombarded with messages telling us that bigger and better things are the pathways to happiness. But research shows true happiness can’t be purchased. So what makes a difference? In this workshop, participants will learn ways to boost their happiness while being kind to the planet. Dr Jane Genovese delivers interactive workshops and presentations on a range of sustainable living topics, such as: the ancient art of thrift, the waste-free kitchen, cultivating sustainable happiness, the science of behaviour change, creating sustainable habits and more.

When: Monday the 18th of March. 1-2pm.
Where: Bassendean Memorial Library

How : Please book via the trybooking link below. The library kindly asks you to provide 48 hrs notice if you wish to return the electronic tickets issued as there is a waiting list. Please use the return tickets link provided on the original email. Thank you

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