Geri-Fit at Bassendean Memorial Library

Published on Wednesday, 15 March 2023 at 4:50:36 PM

It's time to do the Geri-Fit program!  An exercise class for the over 60's.
Be part of a physical activity program that supports healthy ageing in older adults. Geri-Fit® is a 12-week program for the over 60's that requires a set of light dumbbell weights, a sturdy chair, a stretch band, and water to drink during the workout.  There's no dancing, choreography or floorwork and participants never have to get on the floor. Participants will be required to participate in two weekly 45-minute classes: the first on a Monday morning and the second on a Wednesday afternoon.  The program begins on Monday, April 17, 10.30 am. The library will supply all exercise equipment.  If you are interested in this exciting program, please register and we will send you out an information pack containing a registration, information and consent form, and a Q&A Geri-Fit at the Library sheet.
When: Monday- 10.30am-11.15am and Wednesday- 1.30pm-2.15pm.
If you are interested, please watch the video, and register via the below link.  The library will send out an information pack for you to read, complete and then kindly bring back to us.  
Register here  or by the QR code   
Thank you.

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