Natural Products by Theresa - Lunchtime interlude

Published: Thursday, 5 July 2018 at 3:26:20 PM

Natural Products by Theresa is a business that prides itself in creating products with natural ingredients that offer nourishing benefits to the skin, hair and body. Our products are handmade in Western Australia and designed to promote healthy hair and skin that is easy to maintain.

The business was founded by Theresa D’Emden who has an active hands on contribution in the creation of all products. Theresa is a natural products and chemical free-living enthusiast, wife, mother and a proud Zambian-Australian. Her intention is to help people to become aware of the toxins and chemicals that are harmful and are in our everyday cosmetics and personal care products. Theresa is passionate about teaching young girls and all women especially the African community to accept and embrace their hair and natural beauty.

When- Tuesday 17th July. 12.30 pm- 1.30 pm.
Where- Bassendean Memorial Library

How- Please book via the trybooking link

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