Lunchtime interlude - The Raw Kitchen

Published: Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 11:53:33 AM

What Is A Raw Food Diet and How Do I learn to Incorporate it into my Life?

Come to Bassendean Memorial Library on Monday, the 11th of June, and begin to learn how at our Lunchtime Interlude

The Raw Kitchen, a Fremantle restaurant that showcases progressive plant-based cuisine without the use of dairy, gluten, refined sugar or additives, just real, natural wholefoods done well, is happy to present a one hour session on the raw food diet – going in to detail on its origin, evolution, health benefits and how it can be incorporated in to your lifestyle

Raw Food Diet Benefits

It is a way of eating that involves a huge dietary increase in the number of unprocessed and uncooked fruits and vegetables, as well as seeds, nuts, grains (mostly sprouted) and beans. A food is considered raw if it is uncooked or “prepared” below 116°F, as above this temperature range, food begins to lose its essential nutrients and enzymes, or its “vital life force.”

The more we can eat foods that maintain that aliveness, the more “life force” we ourselves will be able to embody.

When - Monday 11th June. 12.30- 1.30 pm
Where- Bassendean Library 
Who- anybody who wishes to investigate a raw food diet.
How- Please click on the link below to book a place.


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