Published on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 at 4:14:00 PM

History of the Bassendean War Memorial

The Bassendean Memorial Library is located on the original site of the West Guildford War Memorial and the Library's name  acknowledges this historical location.  The war memorial was relocated with permission from the RSL to allow the Library to be made.   Information on the history of the Bassendean War Memorial has been researched by the Local Studies Librarian and is available as a timeline of events about community contributions which can be found here

Access to all Service Records for men listed on the Bassendean War Memorial are available online at Discovering Our Anzacs. Service Records for soldiers who fought and fell and who are listed on the Bassendean War Memorial are available at this Discovering Our Anzacs tribute. The Service Records are made accessible by the National Archives of Australia.

Learn more about the Bassendean War Memorial at the Australian War Memorial’s Places of Pride

For a short Virtual tour of the Bassendean War Memorial


ANZAC Day driveway Dawn Service 6am, Saturday 25 April

RSL Branches throughout Australia have endorsed the ANZAC Day Driveway Dawn Service and asked us to stand in on our verges, at our gates, in our driveways or on our balconies at 5.55am holding candles. A torch, phone or any light can be used in place of a candle.

Let’s come together -  apart  - and honour the Fallen and the service and sacrifice of our fellow Australians.

 'At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them' 

An Artist at War

Reginald James Walters was a sign writer by trade and associated with Bassendean, with his wifes’ family, the McSwains living at 54 Wilson Street.  Reg grew up in Bassendean where his father had a grocers shop in Old Perth Road. 

See a summary of his war service record here.

This exhibition offers humour, heartbreak and a rare insight if what life was like during the Palestinian War for our men at arms. Brought to life through originals and reproductions of his work, both at the time and by talented volunteers of the Museum of Perth, the expanse of his work behind the lines has now been unearthed to be officially recorded.  For the first time the Walters family has located all of Reg's works to be displayed for the public to attain a unique view of the life of the men at war. Reg had the uncommon position of war artist, to offer impressions of the world around him and to work toward improving moral of the men who's daily experiences ranged from tiresome to mortifying.  An Artist at War online.


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