West Guildford Roads Board Offices & Hall (c.1913)

Road BoardsLate in 1911 the members of the Roads Board decided to build new premises rather than continue meeting in private homes.

The site of the hall was originally intended for a mechanic's institute but the Roads Board persuaded the owners of the land to deed it to the town instead. Roads Board member, R. W. Anderson, was given the contract and the building was officially opened by Premier John Scaddan in May 1912.

In 1922 West Guildford was officially renamed Bassendean after Colonial Secretary Peter Broun's 1830s homestead which was demolished in 1946. The hall became the centre of West Guildford/Bassendean community life until it was torn down to make way for the new Bassendean Roads Board building in 1936.

That building was in turn levelled and the site incorporated into the current Bassendean Town Council offices, library and civic centre complex which were opened on 1 February 1971.