Local Studies Collection

Football GroundThe Collection is housed in the Bassendean Memorial Library at 46 Old Perth Road, Bassendean, Western Australia. The Collection consists of material related to the municipality of Bassendean - including the suburbs of Ashfield, Eden Hill and Bassendean, plus the locality of Success Hill and the Swan River where it abuts the Town of Bassendean.

Material related to West Guildford is also included as the area was known as West Guildford from its inception as a local authority in 1901 until the name change to Bassendean in 1922.

The Bassendean Local Studies Collection is managed by the Bassendean Local Studies Collection Management Committee which is comprised of three members of the Town of Bassendean and the Bassendean Historical Society (Inc). The Committee is responsible for the management, operation and policy of the Collection.

The Local Studies Collection is supported by volunteers from the Bassendean Historical Society (Inc) and a part-time Local Studies Librarian, telephone
(08) 9279 2966. The Collection can be accessed at the Library during opening hours. Items can be searched using the Library's catalogue.